WOW~ Women Owners of Woodbury!

Women of Woodbury

Women of Woodbury-May Issue 2017

Dr Horton is super excited about her Women Owners of Woodbury group that was featured in Woodbury Magazine! The group of over 20 women serves as a networking and support group for local women who own their own businesses. They have big goals, but through the motivation and encouragement they share, there is little doubt that they will achieve them. “It’s been really good to connect with other business owners in Woodbury that I didn’t know before,” says Heather Horton of Horton Orthodontics. “They’re wonderful resources, and I like supporting other small businesses, because I know how person-to-person referrals are just critical when having small businesses like we do.”  If you have a moment, check it out!  You can find the full article HERE!

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