Our Office

Our office is a place of pure inspiration. Here, you’ll feel comfortable in every sense of the word. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the latest technology, beautiful décor, and lots and lots of smiles.



 Our treatment area! Open and inviting, with plenty of places for parents and other guests to sit.


Our reception area. Make sure to grab a cup of coffee or tea at your visit!  And when you’re here in the winter you’ll see our snowflake on our signature “Smile on” wall.


Our x-ray and photography area. This is where we gather all of the information to personalize treatment especially for you!

                                     IMAG0577            IMAG0578            IMAG0572

Some of our lovely artwork, the “Magnificent Molar Bear” and “Keep Calm and Smile On”. We are always on the lookout for cool smile related artwork, so please let us know if you ever see any!  And we also have our awesome selfie station. It’s right in our reception area, and before or after your appointment you can snap a quick selfie and either email it to yourself or have it posted right to your Facebook page!

Smile on