Emergency Info

If you’re having any kind of medical emergency, please call 911 right away.

If you ever have an urgent orthodontic need, remember there’s no need at all to panic. We’ve got experience on our side, along with the tools to make you more comfortable should an issue arise. Most of the time a quick talk over the phone can get you the info you need to get you or your child comfortable.

So, just give us a call at 651-738-9060 and we’ll find a solution to get you back to 100%. If it’s outside of office hours, the recording will give you specific information on how best to reach us.


Self Care Tips:

Wax is your friend!  If any part of your orthodontic appliances is rubbing and causing discomfort, placing orthodontic wax over the area can make it feel so much better. To help make the wax stick better, it’s helpful to dry the area with a tissue or cotton ball first.

If a metal tie end is starting to stick out, you can tuck it back in using the eraser on the end of a pencil. Instant relief!

Keep those pearly whites clean! Proper brushing of your teeth during orthodontic treatment can prevent inflammation and will keep everything feeling as comfortable as possible.

If the edge of one of your Invisalign aligners is a little jagged or sharp, smoothing it with a nail file really does the trick.

Parents and expanders: The easiest way to see your child’s expander so you can make the turns is to have them lay on the bed. That way they don’t have to try and tip their head back really far!

If a brace or any other part of your orthodontic appliance has come loose, definitely save it and bring it with to your appointment. That will help us get you fixed up and on your way as quickly as possible!


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