Clear Braces

Why go clear?

Clear and colorful – options! That’s our motto. Clear braces allow for clear ties, or are the perfect backdrop to pop those colors – the choice is yours, and you can change your look each time you come in! For more extensive cases and a more permanent solution, Dr. Horton may suggest clear braces to help guide your smile without interrupting it with metallic distractions. You might have seen them before—you might have even missed them. While slightly more noticeable than Invisalign, clear braces can still provide a low profile solution for kids, teens, and adults with more than just a little crowding.

Still got a thing for bling?

We do traditional metal braces as well. Tried and true, metal braces are a practical, no-nonsense solution for getting your bite back where it needs to be. And though we’re partial to purple and gold (Go Vikings!), we’ve got every color under the sun.

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