Clear Braces

Why go clear?

Clear and colorful – options! That’s our motto. 3D-printed ceramic braces allow for clear ties, or are the perfect backdrop to pop those colors – the choice is yours! For our patients who opt for traditional braces rather than aligner treatment, Dr. Horton may suggest ceramic braces to help guide your smile without interrupting it without the distractions of metal braces. While slightly more noticeable than Invisalign, our fully-customized, 3D-printed ceramic braces can provide a low profile solution for kids, teens, and adults that can make treatment both faster and more convenient. As Woodbury’s PREMIERE orthodontic practice to offer fully digital and customized orthodontic treatment options, we are dedicated to treating our patients with aligners and braces that depart from a one-size-fits-all mold. We digitally design treatments that fit each patient and each tooth specifically.

We’ve still got a thing for bling!

We do traditional metal braces as well-but typically only on our younger, Phase I patients, who may only require a couple of braces at this stage of their development. Tried and true, metal braces are a practical, no-nonsense solution for aligning teeth after expansion. And though we’re partial to purple and gold (Go Vikings!), we’ve got every color under the sun.

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