Our Technology

As orthodontics advances, so do we.

We’ve implemented cutting-edge technology in everything we do. Why? Because we want to provide you with a first-class experience as you journey towards the smile you both want and deserve. Beginning with your very first call through the completion of care with our custom retainers, we will utilize technology in ways to make your orthodontic experience quick and convenient.  Our commitment to providing you with fully-customizable treatment options that are as unique as you are is the true secret to our success–providing best-in-class technology for Woodbury’s finest.

Custom Aligners

Custom aligners serve as an alternative to Invisalign, though they’re anything but a stand-in. Fast, affordable, adjustable and minimally invasive, our custom aligners help turn good smiles into great ones with few simple tweaks.

Itero Scanner

No more goopy impressions! We’re an all-digital office, so we do all digital impressions with the wave of a wand! Our digital scanner — or smile simulator as we like to call it — offers a precise, true-to-life map of your teeth and jaws so we can see we can determine the best orthodontic treatment for you.

3D Printer

Ever wondered what your teeth look like? Wonder no more! Our 3D printer creates models (think of them as teeth statues) of your pearly whites so we can make your retainers without using all the goopy impressions.

CBCT Imaging System

We take the guesswork out of tooth movement with our low-radiation, three-dimensional x-rays. This means that we are able to see conditions that other orthodontists may not be able to see – truly making your treatment plan custom to your needs.

We believe technology should be…


It only works if it doesn’t hurt.


It should help you get through treatment faster.


It should work every single time.

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