Interceptive Treatment

Beating your teeth to the punch.

Like football, an orthodontic interception involves predicting a path and jumping at just the right time to change the face of the game. Unlike football, interceptive treatment is very, very safe.

It starts with a quick glance at your child’s baby teeth and continues with check-ups every few months to track development. Dr. Horton is an expert in identifying troublesome trends in younger mouths, even when the  underlying issue isn’t noticeable, like crooked teeth, and can recommend quick adjustments to their behavior or treatment schedule to raise the chances of a healthy set of adult teeth.

Like a good coach, we won’t jump straight ahead to comprehensive treatment if it isn’t needed — oftentimes, early treatments begin with developing simple habits. We’ll schedule periodic check-ups to track your child’s progress, and only talk about appliances when the time is right.

And for every one of those check-up visits? Our prestigious Horton Who’s Kids Club members earn prizes of their choice. (Yes, really.)

Horton Who’s Kids Club

Let’s get to know one another! Free visits! Free Swag!

Horton Who’s Kids Club is a win for everyone, serving our youngest patients with free visits and prizes while we ready them for their braces-to-be.

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