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My little one's teeth look a little less than perfect.

We love when we can let your little one’s teeth and jaws grow naturally. However, there are sometimes issues that, if we intercept them now, can lead to a lifetime of better function. That’s why age 7 is the perfect time to see us. Screenings are complimentary and they get to join our Smile Squad!

My teen's smile looks like a grinning shark.

Clear braces and Invisalign are the two most popular forms of treatment for teens because they are much more subtle. Bring them by for a complimentary appointment and together we’ll diagnose what looks like the best course of action. We promise not to embarrass them.

I'm in need of a touch-up or total makover.

Between Invisalign, traditional braces, and our reconstructive treatments we have plenty of adult patients either refreshing or rebuilding their smiles every day. Whether it’s your first trip to the orthodontist or you’re wishing you had worn your retainers all those years, we’d love to see you.

Our family portrait is looking a little crooked.

Whole-family treatment is our specialty. We love getting to know the Woodbury community and even offer a family discount for multiple patients under the same roof. Pressed for time, no problem! We can coordinate your appointment with your child’s so your trips are efficient and convenient.

Not sleeping soundly?

Because your partner sounds like a foghorn? Or your little never wakes rested? Sleep is paramount, and our jaws and teeth affect how we breathe. If you, your partner, or your child are having breathing/sleep issues, we’re here to help. With your physician/ENT as point person, we can work together to come up with a customized treatment plan.

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All we need are a few items. We go paperless as much as possible; go green! So, you can fill out your paperless, HIPAA compliant forms right online!

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