GLO Whitening PARTY!!

GLO DUAL WHITENING Get dramatic whitening results in under an hour with little to no sensitivity. The GLO amplifying mouthpiece with warming heat technology speeds up the whitening process for safe, clinically proven, professional whitening results. Then, you go home with the same award-winning device we use in the office,

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Horton Spooktacular Braces Off Event!

Our Horton Spooktacular Braces off event turned out amazing!  We had lots of patients in to celebrate getting their braces off! We had a honey crisp caramel apple bar with sprinkles and treats! We enjoyed dressing up like party animals too! Below are some of our pictures from the party!

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Moms are busier than ever before. We get it!

Who really has time to take care of themselves these days? That’s why we got you covered.  If cooking, cleaning, and raising the kids were not enough, moms are now working full-time jobs.  With additional fiscal responsibility comes added stress.  There are many aspects to think through when looking at

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WOW~ Women Owners of Woodbury!

Dr Horton is super excited about her Women Owners of Woodbury group that was featured in Woodbury Magazine! The group of over 20 women serves as a networking and support group for local women who own their own businesses. They have big goals, but through the motivation and encouragement they

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